Doula FAQs

What is a doula?

 A doula's job is to mother the mother - to be that continuous comforting support during an amazing life transformation. 

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What type of services do you provide?

 At Hānau Doula we provide services as both a birth and postpartum doula. You can choose the type of service package that provides the best support for your needs.

I heard doulas are only used in home births or non-medicated births?

Doulas are used in home births, birth center births, non-medicated births AND hospital births. Whatever your birth vision, a doula can educate and coach you through your birth vision in a number of different birth scenarios.

Does a doula replace my midwife/OB?

A good doula works alongside your midwife/OB to provide quality support and care throughout your pregnancy, birth and postpartum care. Think of a doula as a vitamin that supplements your primary care, helping maximize your benefits.

How much do you charge?

Our first meeting is your time to interview me - to see if I am a good match. We can talk by phone call, virtual meeting or in-person. This meeting is FREE. At the meeting we will discuss your birth vision and how I can assist you. We can also discuss pricing.

I do want to be supportive to families who truly value the support a doula can offer. I am willing to discuss costs to make my services more affordable for you.

OK! I love what you offer... what's next?

I am so honored to be part of each family's journey. Know that I feel privileged to be part of your support network.

Once you have decided to work with me, I am available to answer your questions immediately. You can email, call or text me. I will email you a Contract of Service and send you a link to my Online Intake Form. You will also receive an invoice for deposits due.

I am happy to discuss and develop an individualized plan of how to best meet your needs.

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